Starting an interior design project

I start with an interview to explore how you live in your current space, what you'd like for your new space, and what your goals for your project are. For example, you might be looking for a family room with better storage space or a home office that helps you work more efficiently. Perhaps you want a home that's more practical for children or pets. Or perhaps you're most interested in increasing the resale value of your home or preparing to expand your family.

In addition to defining the scope of the project (how many rooms, the budget, the desired time frame), we'll explore together what you like and don't like about your current space. We'll also talk about the styles and colors you like and discuss what you'd like your role to be during the design process. Some people, for instance, like to come shopping with me, while others would prefer to have options presented to them. I'm happy to work either way.

After the initial discussions, I'll come back to you with an outline of the next steps, which can include:

  • Floor plans, support sketches, elevation drawings and/or other imaging as needed
  • Suggested color selections, finishes and/or fabric options
  • Information on how my design suggestions are meeting the objectives we've established during our earlier discussions
  • Project estimate

As the project progresses, you'll receive frequent status updates  -- so you always know where you stand.

 My philosophy of interior design:

I believe that interior design should be collaborative rather than prescriptive. In other words, it's the role of an interior designer to work with clients rather than dictating what to do.

Interior design is usually a process. In other words, it's rare that people know exactly what they want from the first moment. But I can help guide the process so that (a) the project doesn't go on longer than is necessary, (b) you're performing project steps in an order that will be most efficient and cost effective, and (c) you have enough information throughout to make choices you can be comfortable with.


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